The Security Administration ( Tsa ) / 11 Terrorist Attacks On The United States

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Our society today has transformed in ways that our Founding Fathers would have never expected. Life changing events such as 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States has set the tone in how our government responds to such horror. It has put the entire nation on an edge and citizens feel the insecurity of their government and fear for their safety. Every individual was scrutinized, but some were looked at more closely than others due to their sex, race, and religious background. Government has formed and initiated new programs that aim to provide more vigilance especially in areas with high volume of people such as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Attitudes and demeanor towards non-Americans began drastically change negatively; meanwhile government focused their effects on providing security to their concerned citizens. A once presumed safe nation was now at risk for possible terrorist attacks, ongoing wars, and discrimination has been on the high rise. Even now in 2016, society still feels that aftermath and shockwaves of what rocked our nation 15 years ago. Airports are the heart of travel for many to conveniently travel from one location to another, whether the distance was 50 miles or internationally. With the advancements in technology, it has provided the ability for individuals to have access to parts of the world that once only been available to a select few. With such technological advances, our society will not be able to rewind back to

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