The Security Administration ( Tsa )

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In 2015 ABC News reported on a homeland security’s inspector general report stating that airport screeners, who are employed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), failed to detect banned weapons in 67 of 70 tests at dozens of airports. They also failed to detect mock explosives and weapons 95% of the time. (Gardian) In August of 2014, a woman was able to board a plane at the San Jose Airport without a ticket, made it all the way to her destination before being arrested by police, and who later was determined to be a mentally disturbed individual.Burger
The most recent example of security failures happened in June of 2016 when it was discovered that a Somali war criminal was working at the Dulles International Airport. The individual worked as a security guard employed by private security company that conducted a criminal background and vetting process as prescribed by the TSA. This individual had full access to the Dulles Airport, just a short distance to the nation’s capital. (Dooley)
These incidents show that the Transportation Security Administration is another bureaucratic agency that is incapable of providing proper airport security and has so far gotten lucky that another terrorist attack using airliners has not occurred. In this paper I will illustrate that the TSA is not the best vehicle to provide airport security and will offer some suggestions on how to improve security at airports.
History of the TSA
The Transportation Security Administration was
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