The Security And The Usability Of More Important Part Of System

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In this section we described analysis of our project. The security and the usability of more important part of system this is analyzed in this section for our project.
A. Password space:
The total number of all possible passwords with length L is 8 *64^l. Therefore, the password space of our project is

B. Resistance to accidental login:
Our system is more resistance of accidental login Since the probability of correctly responding to password (Ki) is 8/64, that is 1/8, the success probability of accidental login with the password (ki) with length L, denote by Pal(L), is

Fig. shows the Pal(L) for different values of L. However,

since the password length is a more secret, if hacker’s want to hack the system he first of all guess the user password then he try to hack but as the probability distribution of the lengths of the passwords to be used is assumed uniform between 8 and 15, the probability that the hacker correctly guesses the password length is 1/8.

Thus, the probability of accidental login for the our project is And if the attacker fails to login system consecutively for three times, then this account will be disabled and the system will send to the user’s registered re-enter e-mail address and an e-mail containing the secret link that can be used by the legitimate user to re-enable his disabled account. That is, only the user can re-enabled his disabled account. Thus, accidental login cannot be performed easily and efficiently is to be…
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