The Security Deposit For The Dwelling Unit

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This document is designed to provide its users the opportunity to establish some guidelines related to the details of their living arrangements. Users are encouraged to spend quality time discussing each section, being as forthright and honest with their opinions as possible. This agreement made on April 12th, 2016 is a contract between roommates: Samantha Mitchell-Jenkins, Madison Dickey, and Kelsey Snyder, Thompson co-tenants at (Address of Unit): 1000 E Harvest Loop Unit 2603, Ellensburg WA, 98926. We all understand that we are entering into a legally binding agreement with the roommates stated above. We also understand that we, as a group and as individuals, are responsible to our landlord, the utility companies, the telephone…show more content…
RENT The total rent according to the terms of our lease agreement with our landlord for the dwelling is $1,500 per month. We agree to each pay 1/3 of the monthly rent. This amounts to $500. The rent will be paid on the 22 day of the month by (designate person) Samantha Mitchell-Jenkins. This person will also be responsible for obtaining a receipt from the landlord showing that the rent was paid. We understand that as a group, and as individuals, we are responsible to our landlord for the total rent for the term of the agreement. If any of the roommates cannot pay their portion of the rent by the date it is due, the roommate who cannot pay or pays late will be responsible for any late charges accrued and consequences thereof; which will not affect any of the other roommates. UTILITIES We each agree to pay % of all bills (to include gas, utilities, water, the fixed monthly telephone charge, cable, deposits and/or hook-up charges for all utilities). We accept responsibility for prompt payment of our portions of the bills, including any long distance calls and taxes, within 10 days of receiving the bill. Each roommate is also responsible for the long distance calls placed by their friends or relatives. The utility bills will be paid by (designated person) by the due date on each bill. Check all services that roommates will share responsibility for: Gas Electric Wifi Services that roommates will be responsible for
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