The Security Implications Of Environmental Degradation And Resource Decline

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What are the security implications of environmental degradation and resource decline in the Asia-Pacific region? The security implications for global resource decline and total environmental degradation are numerous and real. If the largest and fastest growing populations are in the Asia – Pacific region then arguably the risk of security compromise through to actual conflict on the basis of resource shortage due to human induced or natural degradation of the environment is a genuine threat to regional peace and stability. The question of concern is not just what are the security implications but importantly how can we equally distribute and correctly maximize the use our natural resources to sustain ourselves and to enable expansion and growth in our region that in turn drives forward global economies for the benefit of all human beings. We can’t irresponsibly and irrationally waste natural resources in a way that does little to maximise benefit. However we must also appreciate that renewable energies and genetically enhanced foods are not advanced enough at this point to be reliable or cheap enough to sustain mass consumption. This means that we must accept that resources will be used at the necessary rate and that the reality is we just might run out of one resource or another before too long if appropriate interventions are not implemented in a timely manner. This being the case we must do what we can to advance renewable energy and to develop technology for the mass
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