The Security Issues Revolving Around Wireless Networks

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Wireless computer networks have become very common in the past several years. The convenience with which computer users can utilize internet connections, without having a network cable attached to their computers, makes wireless networks extraordinarily popular in today’s on-the-go society. Homes, offices, and public businesses (e.g., hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, etc.) all frequently have active wireless computer networks. As is the case with hard-wired computer networks, security is very important in wireless networking environments, even more so because one is not physically connected to the network. This paper will examine many of the security issues revolving around wireless networks, as well as ways to protect such networks from vulnerabilities and attacks.

A hacker who wishes to break into or eavesdrop onto a wireless network may possess one or more of the following motives for attempting such action:

• Challenge
• Greed
• Malicious intent

The challenge motive involves an individual breaking into a system simply to gain access or proceed beyond a barrier, without causing any actual harm or stealing or destroying data. A “challenger” may typically brag to his or her friends about successfully penetrating a system, in a way expressing a sense of accomplishment. Greed involves a desire to gain something from the attack. Credit card numbers, bank accounts numbers, passwords, and classified trade secrets are just a few examples of

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