The Security Measure Can Be Deployed For Enhancing Cyber Security

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Despite the concern of privacy, security is also a major interest of big data application. First of all, big data application need to be secured extensively to prevent cyber attack. In addition, Big Data itself can be deployed for enhancing cyber security. Nowadays almost everyone has one or more portable devices, such as smart phones, tablets. Studies show that “80% of connected devices are at risk”. Our portable devices may store our sensitive information such as credit card number, banking info. Latest devices may even store our health and biological data, such as apple’s health app. Even a trivial leak may cost us significant financial loss and insurance claim. Is the current security measure function well enough? According to the…show more content…
When major business, industry, government agencies are adopting Big Data to their daily operation, increasing security measures need to be implemented to avoid data breach and loss. Big Data breaches will likely to cause more damage than other cyber breaches, with the potential for more serious reputational destruction and legal repercussion than at present. User information and financial loss will not only cause more insurance claims, but the loss of business losing customers. One approach to implement security module for big data application is classification of data ownership. For instance, university contracts Google for cloud storage service. Google as a service provider store the raw data in one of their data centers. On the other side, university is responsible for generating the output of the raw data, such as everything we see on registrar system. In an event of data breach, hacker can only steal raw encrypted data from Google’s server, but cannot convert them to any valuable information at all. What’s more, Big Data technology itself can be deployed for implementing security module. Security information and event management (SIEM) is one of the big data application in security. SIEM is an approach to “provide a holistic view of an organization’s information technology security”. SIEM collects logs and other security-related documentation for real time analysis to allow the system to detect anomalous events quickly. Anther
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