The Security Of A New Terrorist Organization Essay

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Apple has tipped the scale of technological innovations; however, they have gone too far. I do not support Apple’s adoption of their IOS 8 encryption to prevent law enforcement access to user’s information. Terrorist attacks rates have increased in 2015 compared to previous years. The United States and various foreign countries are fighting against a new terror organization called ISIS. ISIS is an Islamic terrorist organization which has made alleges to kill thousands of individuals worldwide, however primarily individual’s in the United States. News outlet such as FOX 5 and ABC news report on, ISIS threats and attacks on a weekly basis from tragedy stories to information regarding the organization’s development. In the article by David Sanger, the director of the FBI, James Comedy, said “What concerns me about this is companies marketing something expressly to allow people to hold themselves beyond the law. Terrorists will figure this out,” along with savvy criminals and paranoid dictators” (Sanger, 2014). Terrorist groups would be able to use Apple encryption to their advantage. Terrorist can use Apple’s IOS 8 to communicate among various devices that support IOS 8. Law enforcement officials would be unable to monitor or legally obtain these devices with a court order to prevent any potential attacks. For example, the recent terrorist attack against Paris is believed the terrorist “used the Sony PlayStation 4 to recruit for and plan the attacks. The report suggests that
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