The Security Of Data Tightly And Information Security

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In today’s world transformation of data very securely and information security are the most important categories for the organizations to follow or else the information can easily be taken away by the enemies. In olden days the organizations used to follow the encryption and decryption for the transformation of data securely which is known as cryptography. In cryptography the security of data depends on how strong the encryption and decryption are said to be used. But it is not very easy for the sender and receiver to recall all the passwords. So avoid those difficulties crypto-biometric is used which is the combination of biometric and cryptography. The biometric is a technology that identifies humans with their body uniqueness like fingerprints, face prints and voice patterns for the validation purposes. In recent year’s most of the analysts, trying to eradicate the password identification and using the biometric. The combination of cryptography and biometric can eliminate the recall of passwords because the information can be used only by the identified person. But there are some of the problems that are faced in the biometric. The biometric system which contains the information should not reveal any biometric features. It should also have the flexibility of converting the varied data in to the fixed. So, the data cannot be revealed to the unauthorized person when it was transmitted. Therefore, the result of Fingerprint based crypto-biometric system for network
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