The Security Of The United States Security

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After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, people in the United States knew that absolutely anything could happen without even thinking about it. This event made the government realize that the United States security was not the best it could be. There always has been security everywhere, but today everything is taken to another level and is being controlled with a great amount of precautions. Now there is a lot more airport security, which will help prevent any more hijacking of planes or bombings. There has also been a lot more security in New York City because of the terrorist attack. There are also new technologies and programs that help with the security of this country. After the attack in 2001, the United States government…show more content…
The Department of Homeland Security had also formed a division to analyze intelligence gathered by the FBI, CIA, and many other police agencies and military agencies (Swanson, Charles R., Territo, Leonard, Taylor, Robert W., 90). Barack Obama appointed Janet Napolitano as the third secretary of the department and is also the governor in the area of terrorism and immigration reform. Napolitano has played an important role in strengthening border security by increasing forces along the border, and increasing resources and technology to aid in the fight against terrorism (Swanson, Charles R., Territo, Leonard, Taylor, Robert W., 90). The DHS has become an important role to the security of the public in the United States. Within this department, there was a color-coded threat system known as the Homeland Security Advisory System. There was red for severe risk of terrorist attacks, orange for high risk of terrorist attacks, yellow for significant risk of terrorist attacks, blue for general risk of terrorist attacks, and green for low risk of terrorist attacks (Homeland Security News, 2011). This system is being replaced by the National Terrorism Advisory System, which will more effectively communicate information about terrorist threats by providing timely, detailed
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