The Security Problems Faced By Cloud Computing

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In order to overcome the security problems faced by cloud computing a new technology known as Homomorphic encryption is being put to use. It is a type of encryption that allows all the computational process to be made available to carry on cryptographic which is one on a plain text using an algorithm. This is one of the most improved and effective technique used in today’s architecture that is related to communication systems. This encryption combined all the different services that are needed together without letting out the data to any of these services. This homomorphic encryption data can be transferred into cryptographic encryption by altering the design. This change allows their encryption to be used in cloud computing
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On the other hand any cryptographic encryption that’s allows only limited arbitrary functions such as multiple addition options but only one multiplicative option to perform on data is known as partially homomorphic encryption. When compared with complete homomorphic encryption partial encryption is much faster and more intact. Although this encryption is open to attacks and can be attacked at its base but if this encryption is properly used then it can perform computations in a secure environment. One of its important features is to secure data on cloud. It allows customers to feel secure that their data has been protected on cloud but at times when the customer wants to edit their data then the data needs to be decrypted by the cloud service provider. The entire security of your data is lost and the cloud provider who is in procession of the secret key can alter your personal data. The idea of homomorphic encryption started way back but breakthrough in recent times with complete homomorphic encryption would break down the problems faced by security in cloud computing and would wide spread cloud adaption.

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Homomorphic encryption are studied widely after they became very important and pat of many cryptographic encryptions such as in voting machines. Homomorphic encryptions
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