The Security Problems Faced By Cloud Computing

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In order to overcome the security problems faced by cloud computing a new technology known as Homomorphic encryption is being put to use. It is a type of encryption that allows all the computational process to be made available to carry on cryptographic which is one on a plain text using an algorithm. This is one of the most improved and effective technique used in today’s architecture that is related to communication systems. This encryption combined all the different services that are needed together without letting out the data to any of these services. This homomorphic encryption data can be transferred into cryptographic encryption by altering the design. This change allows their encryption to be used in cloud computing technology to maintain the confidentiality of the stored data and process them. Except for this feature in cloud computing technology homomorphic encryption can also be useful for other systems for security purposes such as voting machines and many more. There are two different types of Homomorphic encryptions namely partial homomorphic encryption and complete homomorphic encryption. Any cryptographic encryption that allows computational arbitrarily i.e. allows multiple addition, subtraction and multiplicative functions on data is known as Complete Homomorphic encryption. This encryption is considered to be more powerful and allows you to create any kind of programs from various different functions and produces the same kind of result and…

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