The Security Threat Of Prisons And Police Officers

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STGs There are many dangerous gang in prison and out on the streets that are a security threat to prison staff and to public. These groups are called STGs or Security Threat Groups (gangs). Prisons and police officers try to control these gangs as much as possible so there could be the least threat as possible. Some of the main security threat groups are: The Aryan Brotherhood, The Ku Klux Klan, The Folks, The Nation of Islam, and MS 13. These 5 groups are a major threat to prison staff and people out in the streets, so they try to keep an eye on them as close as possible to prevent from anyone getting hurt or even kill. Some of these gangs can be so dangerous that they control streets and police or authority don’t really want to mess with them to not lose their life. The Aryan brotherhood, or AB, is a white supremacist prison gang that has over 10,000 members in and out of prison. The Aryan brotherhood was founded by white supremacists, Barry Mills and Tyler Bingham, at the San Quentin state prison in 1964. This gang was formed to protect white inmates but through time the gang started to gain power and started to become more and more dangerous. This gang is most powerful in Texas because that is where they have the most members. The Aryan brotherhood is so dangerous that they are on the police hit list after a series of murders on law enforcement officials. The Aryan brotherhood is often being searched by the FBI, DEA, and ATF who are trying to dismantle

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