The Security Vs. Privacy

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1. At stake are two forces representing a critical dilemma of the post-2001 world: security vs. privacy. Fighting for security, the FBI is seeking “backdoor” access to the iPhone in question that was used by one of the two suspects in the San Bernardino shooting in December 2015. Defending privacy is Apple, Inc., designer and marketer of the Apple iPhone. The two suspects under investigation are linked with known terrorist groups, possibly ISIS, with definitive proof of these links locked away in the encrypted iPhone used by one of the shooters. Apple has built extensive encryption into its products, including the iPhone, in an effort to protect customers and users from unwanted privacy intrusion by hackers, either freelance or…show more content…
Normally, government agents are required to acquire a warrant to conduct search and seizure of private property.
There are a multitude of resources available in assessing this situation. First, to understand the positions of both parties, there are the articles provided in the assignment description and a seemingly endless pool of articles available online and in print about this issue (some of which are cited at the end of this paper) . Additionally, we have the articles and reading from class to help us frame our thought process and the positions and needs of the stakeholders in this situation. Finally, at least in my case, I have the resource of direct experience of Apple employees, myself (Apple retail in 2007-2008) and my brother (Apple product engineer & manager, 2007-current).
Given the nature of the case, there are two primary options available in the situation: support the FBI to force Apple to create a “backdoor key” version of iOS to be installed on the phone in question or support Apple and the lack of a legal basis for requiring them to hack their own software. A third option that may occur despite the outcome of the legal case would be for US lawmakers to draft and sign laws that clearly define what powers over electronic devices the government has in investigations of any nature, be they for national security or criminal investigations. Whether or not a legal basis is set by law,

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