The Seductive Lure Of The Temptress

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The Seductive Lure of the Temptress As a seductive force of nature, luring with the tongues of pure elegant lust and desire, the temptresses’ villainous ways can always be a struggle for a character to even resist. Being able to use temptation as a gift or art, the temptress is a mythical archetype in which is a distraction to the protagonist on his journey, causing the character to forget the overall quest they desire to fill their spiritual needs. Nevertheless, the temptress can not only be just a woman seeking desirable sexual exchange, but instead can be any entity used to distract, lure, or tempt of any character through the use of appealing words and/or actions. A woman could easily be a temptress, luring men to her sexual ways, but a force of nature could easily tempt someone of the same exact stature, causing the person to fight the struggle of the evil temptation to either be defeated by the temptress or continue their journey. As of the journeys in “The Odyssey”, Odysseus struggles with that voyage of getting home to Ithaca. Though many of his obstacles were eluded by himself, the Aeaean Island takes the best of the crew due to starvation and exhaustion. The crew searches the island for food, but instead finds the house of Circe, “they could hear Circe inside, singing in a lovely voice as she moved about weaving a great tapestry, the unfading handiwork of an immortal goddess.” (Vol. A, 443). As elegant and beautiful as the crew describes her, the crew was not
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