The Seed Of A Seed

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When one becomes a sister, a seed is planted in the depths of both of their hearts. In order to grow, the seed requires the warmth of the other’s love, a dousing of compliments, and a breath of encouragement. After some time, the seed blooms into a beautiful flower and gains the gazes of many. It is the job of the other sister to protect her flower, so that it never gets picked. I am a sister. The day I became one, was the first day I left the house without a doll in tow. “I’m gonna have a new doll now, right Gramma?” Grandma smiled as she buckled me in. “Right, but this one you’ll have to take extra good care of,” she responded with a wink. When Grandma and I arrived at the hospital, a kind nurse led us down a hall to a window enclosed room. I immediately pressed my little nose and palms against the glass and peered in with a bit of confusion. Three years and a couple feet tall, I did not understand why I couldn’t hold her yet. I also expected her to resemble one of my dolls, but that wasn’t the case. None of my dolls ever turned blue or had cords all over their body and face. Mommy and daddy gently rested their hands on my shoulders. They appeared tired, a way I had never seen them before. “Meagan is not doing well,” they explained. “Meagan..” I tried the word on my tongue. The doctors entered behind the glass, and I watched as they began pressing buttons on the machines. “Well I’m her sister. I can help her. Let me in there,” I responded knowingly. “Not right now

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