The Seeds of Discouragement

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The seeds of discouragement in work with young people INTRODUCTION Discouragement by definition is the act of or instance of being discouraged, the state of being discouraged or something that discourages. In other words it is simply the feeling of despair in the face of obstacles. Young people may become defiant or hard if seeds of discouragement are sown into their lives especially during their childhood years. This essay will seek to demonstrate how discouragement can be used positively by a child and youth care worker (CYCW) to try to help the youths they work with develop positively. It will discuss how CYCW behaviors encourage or discourage youths by addressing the four ecological hazards linked to the profiles of discouragement. The…show more content…
This can be achieved by creating non-threatening environments and having experimental activities that involve social engagement by teaching those concepts and not facts. Mentoring and teaching them accountable cooperative learning can discourage them from engaging in the negative activities they were once involved in or might get involved in as a sense of a future and purpose is created. Learned Responsibility This ecological hazard consists of children who are rebellious and defiant as they try to mask their sense of powerlessness. This in most cases leads these children to join gangs in search of a feeling of belonging. Another reason for these gangs to be created is for these children to look for loop holes and go against authority. This is because their needs are not being met by the existing social structures. This may lead to drug and alcohol abuse, theft, prostitution and even killings. Responsibility cannot be learned because of these negative and destructive ways that would have been learnt. CYCW’s can discourage these children from gangs by teaching them to become independent, self-sufficient, responsible and self-disciplined. This can help these children from refraining themselves from negative and bad ways of living as they would be obedient to authority, respect social responsibility and have self-control by having inner values. Loss of Purpose It is portrayed by self-centered youth in search of meaning in this world

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