The Seeds of Discouragement in Work with Young People

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Child And Youth Assesment | March 28 2013 | | The Seeds of Discouragement in Work With Young People. | ORIGINALITY SCORE: 0% Table Of Contents. THE SEEDS OF DICOURAGEMENT IN WORK WITH YOUNG PEOPLE 3 What is assessment? 3 The four Ecological Hazards and it’s link to the Profiles in Discouragement 3 10 D’S of Deviance 5 The impact of positive personal theories of behavior 6 Impact on Assessment if the child or youth feels discouraged by an interaction with a CYCW 7 Conclusion: 8 Reference list: 9 THE SEEDS OF DICOURAGEMENT IN WORK WITH YOUNG PEOPLE What is assessment? Assessment refers to a methodical manner in which a variety of information can be obtained regarding a subject. In this field the subject is…show more content…
The purpose of identifying these hazards is to build a circle of courage that helps to enhance encouragement .( Brendtro & Larson, 2006) 10 D’S of Deviance Deviance refers to the kind of behavior that results from a child’s consistent inappropriate and intolerable actions (LIVESTRONG.COM, n.d.). These 10 D’s are derived from the tyranny of obedience and pessimism involved in professionalism. This means that over time experts have developed a typical response towards different deviant behaviors portrayed by the troubled child. It outlines a common set of problems and the ways in which the youth are approached (Brendtro, et el., 2001) Theory | Problem | Typical Responses | 1. Primitive | Deviant | Blame, attack, ostracize | 2. Folk religion | Demonic | Chastise, exorcise, banish | 3. Biophysical | Diseased | Diagnose, drug, hospitalize | 4. Psychoanalytic | Disturbed | Analyze, treat, seclude | 5. Behavioral | Disordered | Assess, condition, time out | 6. Correctional | Delinquent | Adjudicate, punish, incarcerate | 7. Sociological | Deprived | Study, resocialize, assimilate | 8. Social work | Dysfunctional | In-take, case manage, discharge | 9. Educational | Disobedient | Reprimand, correct, expel | 10. Special educational | Disabled | Label, remediate, segregate |

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