The Seeds of Glory: A Legacy Fulfilled

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The Seeds of Glory: A Legacy Fulfilled Hot lights beam on the olive-colored skin as the icy cold steel slithers through the flesh. In the background, the heart monitor beeps steady pace. My anxious eyes follow the knife closely; one word keeps racing in my mind"¦ greatness. The practiced hands that held the steel were my legacy and my destiny. Throughout my life, my family encouraged me to follow in the footsteps of my Grandfather, a General Surgeon. Grandfather always hoped that I would follow in his path. As early as I can remember, I had an interest in medicine, but it was not until the Summer of 2010 that these seeds would begin to grow in earnest. It was during that summer that my Grandfather took me under his wing and allowed me to shadow him in his daily rounds. That first day was a busy schedule for him: hernia repair at 8:30 AM, patient post-op follow up at 11:25AM, and a kidney stone removal at 3PM. As I followed my Grandfather through the doors of the Department of General Surgery, the word "legacy" pounded like a drum growing louder in my ears with each step. I realized that I would have big shoes to fill, as the only grandson of such a great man. As his colleagues and tnurses greeted him warmly, I knew that I was home. I followed Grandfather into the sterilization area where my Grandfather taught me to wash my hands properly with "surgical" soap. This was the first of many times I would perform this ritual, and every time I would remember this first

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