The Segregation Of Chicago 's Segregation

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Chicago is a beautiful city with many different people and things to learn or experience; however, it is a city of segregation, and it has been that way for a long time. Even though it may not be quite visible today, it still happening thorough our city. However, what is so special about ethnicity that people have to hate on each other? Is it because we all are born with different backgrounds or is it because we are raised to hate others? In the history of Chicago’s segregation, we learn about how the whites are seen as the superior beings than others in America. Moreover, we all have seen and learn how race is displayed through our media. Additionally, we all have grown up attaining knowledge from our elders, and we learn about values in life. The society of Chicago are segregated by our history, media, and standards. The history we learn from our teachers in school, which is the segregation between the whites and blacks. I would never understand why people have to hate on each other, but I could see that hate leads to who is superior. Throughout all the history I have learned or what I had remembered about is how white people are the ones who are superior. They brought slaves into America and treated them as animals by brutality beating them from one mistake. The slaves had no rights, and most of the slaves were separated from their family. One of the history lesson that stood out to me the most was about Rosa (Louise McCauley) Parks: she was the lady who refused to…
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