The Segregation Of The United States

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The history of our culture has said it is okay to separate individuals based on the color of their skin. However, not all believed that segregation was right when it came to the education system. When the time came to Desegreted School it was meet by resistant, but the effects of this historical movement can still be seen in the 21st century. Segregated schools began in result of the Jim Crow laws, which stated races where to have separate accommodation in public. The Supreme Court in the beginning said that segregation as was legal as long as it was equal. However, when it comes to segregation the truth is nothing about it was truly fair. To separate kids and gives them different learning tools only will hinder one set and have the other set better educated. The end to segregated school came when Oliver Brown was not pleased with his young daughter not be allowed to attend a school that what closer to their home because of her race. Feeling that this was unfair he decided to file a complaint with the Kansas court house. However, the state of kanas did not feel the same way and agreed that the school was right in denying the child into the school. Still not pleased Brown brought the case before the Supreme Court and it was ruled in favor of Brown and said that schools should not be separated. This famous case is known as Brown vs. Board of Education. (CNN) Although the law Desegregation was passed it was not fully supported by all and because of this many children were
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