The Selection And Presentation Of Music

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The concept of this recital has been evolving from different directions since I began to think about it midway through the previous semester. At first I was preparing the recital as if it were going to be just me until Sofia Gomez, the person I am now doing this joint recital with, approached me and asked if I would be willing to play a duet with her. Eventually, we decided to combine our recitals to satisfy one of the school’s requirements about wanting shorter thirty minute recitals together to make a full one hour long recital. I was very happy with the setup. Unfortunately, this is where one of the first issues I faced in preparing this recital. As I mentioned before, I had be planning to do a recital by myself and had consequently selected repertoire for it. From the beginning I wanted it have a theme that would help guide the selection and presentation of music. As a solo recital, I was hoping to have an all-French composer program, partly because of the beautiful nature of some of the pieces in this area and because I had been working on a French piece when I began planning the recital. So when we decided on making a joint recital, I met with Sofia and suggested the idea of having a themed performance. We tossed around some ideas, looked at some of the repertoire we might be interested in, and decided to make it something akin to “Flavors from Around the World.” Our joint recital would be about composers from around the world who have composed for the classical flute…
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