The Selection Criteria

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The selection criteria will be aligned with the requirements of the position. The criteria would be the requisite education, experience in marketing or sales, leadership or management expertise, and the technical skills in that order. Not listed at this point is the interpersonal factor, being that we need somebody with leadership talent. We will be unable to judge that until the interview process. Therefore, we want to ensure that the two candidates who are invited to the interview process are fully qualified. The candidates stack up as follows. Anthony Safian has the education and computer skills. His position as a teller at BMO, however, is not a marketing role nor is it a leadership role. The second candidate, Jerry Parker, has the education and skills, and some managerial experience with Brandon Landscaping. Heather Smits has the education, some marketing experience (though dated) and the computer skills. Frank Smith has marketing and management experience, is working on his education, and has the computer skills. His still being a student makes his available for full-time work a question mark. Kerry Cuthbert has the education, a little bit of the work experience, and the computer skills. Marisa has leadership and management experience, the education, and the computer experience, but lacks much marketing experience. Hugh has some entrepreneurial experience, has the computer skills but little leadership experience. Mai Lin has most of the experience and the computer
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