The Self Assessment Of Strengths

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Self-Assessment of Strengths After receiving my results of the StrengthsFinder 2.0 test, I’m left to reflect upon my personality and analyze the accuracy of the test’s evaluation. Following are my strengths: Relator: A relator enjoys building close friendships. This accurately describes my personality, as I believe that I have a gift of having long-lasting friendships in both personal and professional settings. As the “relator” section of the test describes, I gather great satisfaction from being of assistance to others as well as a sense of pride when people come to me for advice and help. This quality helps me building trust which is an important part of team building. I am sure that I can play the role of opinion leader in the team to whom people come and seek advice on their decisions. Analytical: The description of this strength builds, I believe, on the “relator” strength. The description states: “You probably prefer to express your dissatisfaction in a reasonable rather than emotional manner”. This is an extraordinarily characteristic of myself, and also why, I believe, I am a good relator as well. I am a logical, reasonable thinker. I do not let emotions in the way of my work or personal relationships. For this reason, I believe my strong, stable personality projects a reliable image to others seeking guidance. The last sentence in the description may not resonate with my personality: “When you are intent on being victorious, perhaps you extinguish any sentimental

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