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The Self Paper Kimberly Kline Psych/555 January 20, 2014 Tracy Masiello The Self Paper This paper will define the concept of self, and explain how an individual develops a self-concept. It will explain the relationship between the self and emotion and how this relationship affects an individual’s self-esteem. It will also explain the relationship between the self and behavior and how this relationship affects an individual’s self-presentation. The Concept of Self Self- concept is the knowledge and beliefs people have about themselves. According to Fiske, (2010) self-concept is broken down into conceptual self and operational self. Conceptual self can be broken down into the material…show more content…
The relationship between self-concept and self-esteem can be looked at in relations to three psychological theories: self-discrepancy theory, self-evaluation maintenance theory, and affective forecasting theory (Diaz, 2011). The self-discrepancy theory is the theory that deals with the actual self, which is who the person currently is, the ought self is who the person feels they can become and the ideal self is the person the individual wants to become. The self-evaluation maintenance theory deals with the relationship between how people perform along with the performance of other people in area of high importance. Meaning if one individual score higher in self- importance issues this may decrease ones self-esteem (Diaz, 2011). The affective forecasting theory looks at the way people will foresee how things in the future will make them feel. This theory deals with people miscalculating their future actions. People sometimes exaggerate the influence of negative events and take the way they cope with things lightly. This means that people with low self-esteem tend to feel negatively about their coping skills and people with higher self-esteem feel more positively about their abilities to cope (Diaz, 2011). Relationship Between self and Behavior and how this Relationship Affects an Individual’s Self- Presentation The relationship between self and behavior affects

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