The Self Portrait Art Essay

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Self-portraits have been used by artists for centuries to explore aspects of the self. They are the subjects they know best and artists have reflected this through their treatment of media, subject matter and techniques. Two artists who explore aspects of their personality and life experiences in their self-portraits are Frida Kahlo and Ben Quilty. Many of their artistic techniques can be derived from the same origins. Whilst there are similarities in self-portraits by any artist usually, you will find differences the norm. After all, this is what makes art and art form.

Frida Kahlo, one of many world renowned artists from the 1930s, was a revolutionary. Alongside Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon and Wassily Kandinsky, they created art that needed a new classification, no longer fitting into the traditional style or genre.

Kahlo was born on 6th of July 1907 in Coyoacán, in the Southwest of Mexico City, Mexico. She was at the height of her career during the 1930s, having a major showing at the New York City Gallery. The show was a commercial success with Kahlo selling over half of the 25 paintings on exhibit. Through this successful exhibition, she become more recognised and received several commissions to paint as well.

“Rendered in vivid colours and realistic detail, Kahlo 's jewel-like paintings are filled with complex symbolism, often relating to specific incidents in her life. In her iconic self-portraits, the artist continually reinvented…
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