The Self-Transcendence : Reflence Theory In Nursing Practice

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Self-transcendence is a middle range theory that affiliated with health well-being or healing. This theory has been examined in research and is priding framework and guidance in nursing practice used to guide nursing practice in any stressful life situations. I can say that a lot of the nurse incorporate the self –Transcendence theory on their everyday practice without knowing that they are utilizing it. Currently, I work in a skilled unit/long-term care, and I can say that I do incorporate the self-transcendence theory in my everyday practice. Every single day I deal with a different kind of patient/family member with various kinds of problems.To promote healing and provide a high quality of care we no choice but, to incorporate evidence-based practice. This theory is one of the ways to support and help our patients or family members healing .the theory has helped nurses learn to maintain a healthy lifestyle as they care for others (Conti-O’Hare, 2002). I choose Reed self-transcendence theory due to my interest in mental health. The theory is expressing the importance of Nurse-patient interaction. I firmly believe that this approach will help me as a future psychiatric nurse practitioner. The study has proven that expressions of self-transcendence are positively related to emotional and mental well-being, health, and functioning in adults confronting personal mortality because of advanced age and chronic illness (Baker 2008; Neill 2002).The following is a

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