The Selfish Gene By Richard Dawkins

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Book Review: The Selfish Gene Richard Dawkins reaffirmed the power of the individual and natural selection in his seminal book The Selfish Gene. This popular science classic breaks down the nature and foundations behind the complex and seemingly strange world of animal behavior. Dawkins revolutionarily provides a simple and original tome steeped in the intricacies of evolutionary psychology. The book, which has been praised by literary experts and scientists alike, gives a modern and articulate recap of Darwin’s natural selection, while solving the problems surrounding group selection. And that what makes it stand out to me. This past semester I have had the opportunity to read the third edition of the book within a greater context of evolutionary biology and animal behavior. The lucid and simple positions that Dawkins is able to create, stimulates the core arguments that define the generative tone of the book and ultimately make it a great read. Dawkins’ main focus throughout his book revolves around its namesake, gene selfishness. For Dawkins in the 1970s the contemporary wide-held belief of evolution and natural selection had drifted away from Darwin and his fundamental breakthroughs. Dawkins recreates the idea that the basic unit of evolution is genes, and that their unfettered desire for longevity dictates individual behavior that constitutes basic and societal actions. The bodies and minds of animals to Dawkins are a mere vehicle for our genes who direct behavior to
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