The Selfish Ruler In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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The type of leadership one has can lead to greatness or tragedy. Throughout Julius Caesar, there was a major debate over if Julius Caesar was a good leader or a selfish ruler. As all men of Rome, Julius Caesar was a bit full of himself, but he had Rome’s best interest in mind. Julius Caesar was a good leader. Julius Caesar was not ambitious. In Antony’s speech, Antony says that Caesar refused the crown three times (Act III, scene ii, line 93-94). This shows that Caesar had the opportunity to be greedy and ambitious, but he chose a different road. In Antony’s speech, Antony also says that Caesar cried with the poor and ambition shouldn’t be that soft (Act III, scene ii, line 89-90). This shows that Caesar was too involved in the…show more content…
In Antony’s speech, he read the will of Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar gave every man seventy-five drachmas (Act III, scene ii, line 234). Julius Caesar also left the people the walkways, gardens, and orchards (Act III, scene ii, 237-238). This shows that Caesar cared more about the people of Rome than money or land. Caesar would rather share his wealth than keep it all to him. This shows that Caesar cared more for Rome than himself. Many say that Julius Caesar was a selfish ruler. This is a false conclusion. In Antony’s speech, it was stated several times in which Caesar gave to the citizens of Rome. He left money, walkways, gardens, and orchards to the people (Act III, scene ii, Lines 234-238). Antony also says in his speech that Caesar used the ransoms of captives for the people of Rome instead of for himself (Act III, scene ii, line 87-88). This shows that Caesar cared more about the people of Rome than his interest in money or land. He took the well-being of the people into consideration rather than putting his wants first. In conclusion, Julius Caesar was a good leader. He gave to the people of Rome. He also was not ambitious. Many people say that Caesar was selfish, but he gave the people of Rome money and land along with using money towards the people instead of using it for
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