The Selling of Women in America Essay

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The Selling of Women in America

Beautiful, skin-tight clothing, thin, blonde, long hair, and big breasted women are what people normally think of when they think of television commercials. This is very stereotypical but how stereotypical is it? Look at the media anymore and this is what the audience sees. There may be a change here and there with the hair color and how tight the clothing is but in all honestly this is what the public is seeing on television screens if they sit there and watch the television screens. Our society has brought about the sex appeal in women to sell their products. How true is all of this? From a series of surveys, an interview, observation, and case study I have chosen to prove that a certain “type” of
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The majority of the participants said that beer and women are mainly the first two things that they think about when seeing a commercial directed towards men. The participant who responded ‘sometimes’ commented on a particular commercial with two girls wrestling and taking their clothes off in a fountain— “Are you kidding me!” Another participant made the comment of “They show beer commercials with women on them. If you were a girl, would you go grab a beer b/c a woman said to? I think not!” Amazingly so, when responding to the question of whether or not women are used inappropriately in these commercials, five people said yes, three said no, and two said sometimes. A male participant gave a response of “women are used too often as a source of attention while men aren’t.” However, another male participant quoted, “No, sex sells!” Every one of the participants said that there is a certain type of women used. The top three descriptions of her were—big breasted, slim, and attractive. Other answers were blonde, smiling, tall, curvy, long hair, and model-like.

For Lindsay, sports aren’t a big thing for her to watch. She’d rather watch a sitcom, movie, reality series, or a talk show. If she does watch a sport it is most likely gymnastics, however she has seen a football game on television. A channel surfer at heart, she barely watches the commercials on TV, but has caught glimpses of them. When

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