The Semiotics And Advertising Ideology Of Coca-Cola

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This assignment will analyse the semiotics and advertising ideology used internationally by the Coca-Cola company. It will discuss advertising campaigns using the semiotic principles introduced in this semesters seminar. It will analyse the campaign by using the concepts of semiotics as critical devices and also identify the various signifiers that operate in the structure. It will also demonstrate how the signifiers contribute to the generation of the overall signified concept. It will also explain as to how the company is a multi-national brand and how it promotes in consumer culture. It will conclude with an interpretation of the ad campaign based on the semiotic analysis of the signifiers and how they contribute to generating the different levels of signification.

Advertising provides abundant product information for the public, it promotes a product, service or ideas, they attract people’s aspirations, fantasies and lifestyle. They produce both connotation and denotation structures that sell the products to the public. The publics opinion on products are sculpted through the influences of advertisement, for example a man may buy a certain aftershave because the advertisements have a woman that is throwing herself in a sexual manner at the model wearing the product so the consumer will be more reluctant to purchase this
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Through any medium of advertising coke uses if its print, television or social media the concept of sharing and happiness is always carried though in their advertisements. This ad campaign was most popular with the younger age group demographic as it was a social media fad to have a personalised coke bottle with your name on it. By doing so the company was talked about through all social media platforms increasing their influence on the market and influencing popular culture once
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