The Senate Bill 206

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In the summer of 2014, Wisconsin’s court argued on the the Senate Bill 206, a law that would force at least one the Wisconsin’s abortion clinics to close. This closing would create many hardships for low income women. When discussing this bill, Assistant Attorney General Clayton Kawski compared ending a pregnancy to buying a car “If I decided I’m going to buy an Mercede-Benz but cannot get financing for that and don’t have the funds to buy it, am I prevented from buying a Mercedes-Benz?” (Hellerstein 1). Comparing the accessibility to abortions as a luxury good. Throughout this city State Legislatures has placed many restriction intended to prevent access to abortions. The potential fee due to these restrictions for low income single mothers in Wisconsin obtaining an abortion would cost up to $1,380 while for middle income women fees for abortion has dropped to $593 (Hellerstein 1). These restrictions also affect middle class women looking for abortion clinics but these women are able to travel to close states in order to undergo the procedure unlike low income women. This travel includes money for transportation, hotel and food for up to two days. This takes away money needed for other necessities and time away from work. The right of a women to control her reproductive decision is highly debated in the US because of the idea that abortions, to some people, are considered murder. A woman’s ability to make reproductive choices is a fundamental right protected by the
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