The Senior Citizen Nursing Home

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The Senior Citizen Nursing Home that I view is called “Liberty House Nursing Home.” The Nursing Home is located 620 Montgomery St, Jersey City. The Home have 5 floors, 180 beds and they have a median size area on each floor for the people that live there can hang out to watch TV and talk to each and play little games. They also have a roof display where the people can go to but they can only go there with their visitors or guest and only for a few hours. The home had a parking lot but it was only for employs and visitor had to park in the street. In front of the home there are pay mentor so visitor had to pay for two hour and then leave so they would not get a ticket on their car. After asking the one of the family member of one people…show more content…
Figueroa children and her grandchildren and great grandchildren come to see her at least five time a week. She when started to live there she was lonely and felt weak at first because before the stroke she was independent and she always around her family. However, after being put into the home she felt lonely because her family was not with her and she felt weak because her need people to help. The staff there help her get up every day and they also help feed her when it is needed. In the home, she may feel lonely but she does have a boyfriend in the home. After hearing this I was so surprise because she is in the home for rehabilitation not for love. However, this tell me that anything can happen in a nursing home. Her boyfriend keep her company and so do her doll Louis. She named her doll after her son Louis who is also in another nursing home. Louis was in a nursing because he has HIV and need 24/4-hour care just like his mother. She wanted to stay close with her son who she could not see so she created a doll that look like him and she never separate from him. When the dolls go missing she starts screaming and crying for her doll and the nurse must look everywhere for the doll are she will not calm down. She had found a love connecting with a man in the nursing but connecting is much stronger when she thinks about the son that she is
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