The Sense Of Protection By Stanley Milgram Mentions

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Many individuals in today’s society are being influenced by outside attractions. Many are blindly manipulated to an authority due to the sense of protection. The comfort of feeling protected gives one the feeling of being part of the group and the feel of security. Authority; a model or leader who creates rules to make individuals follow. People obey to authorities because of the fear of failing and loneliness. It is a human nature to be afraid to be left out and experience solitary. In addition, individuals are not willing to disobey because of the fear of punishment from an authority. This forceful thought makes one to follow with no self- conscience, soon they will lose confidence. As Stanley Milgram mentions, “Obedience is as basic an element in the structure of social life as one can point to,” (144). By shown in contempt society, people are prone to obey to a certain authority due to the fear of punishment and being in solitary. This type of obedience eventually will lead one to lose confidence, go against their own morals, and become irrational, which will be deleterious to future society. People nowadays are prone to obedience because they are afraid to be isolated from the community. Community is known as a group of people who truly have no fear in relying on each other. People in a community usually share common goals and have a sense of belonging within the group. In order to overcome the fear of being in solitary, one tends to obey to the authority in the

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