The Sensitivity, The Specificity Of Computed Tomography

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IMPORTANCE Despite the high sensitivity, the specificity of computed tomography (CT) in lung cancer detection is poor. Serum biomarkers that could further characterize CT-positive patients based on risk of malignancy would greatly enhance its clinical efficacy. OBJECTIVES To identify a panel of serum biomarkers for use as an adjunct to CT-scanning. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS From 2009 through 2013, six hospitals enrolled 1148 patients with lung cancer, 889 blood donors as healthy participants and 36 patients with benign lung diseases. The lung cancer associated biomarkers were identified from the serum samples and subsequently analyzed in three randomly determined subgroups, the discovery cohort (40 lung cancer patients, and 45 healthy participants), test cohort (204 lung cancer patients, and 120 healthy participants), and validation cohort (904 lung cancer patients, 724 healthy participants, and 36 patients with other benign lung diseases). Last, the panel of biomarkers was used to predict 12 blinded patients with suspicious pulmonary nodules detected by CT scanning. MAIN OUTCOMES AND MEASURES Identification of a 4-biomarker panel to aid in the early detec¬tion of lung cancer and more accurate interpretation of indeterminate pulmonary nodules detected by CT screening. RESULTS The discovery cohort demonstrated that 4 biomarkers (C-reactive protein, prolactin, hepatocyte growth factor, and NY-ESO-1 autoantibody) in serum samples were significantly different in
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