The Sentencing Of Domestic And Non Domestic Violence Cases

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The article of, ‘Similar Punishment, Comparing Sentencing Outcomes in Domestic and Non-Domestic Violence Cases’ (hereby referred to as “article 1”) written by Christine E. W .Bond and Samantha Jefferies used NSW administrative court data from January 2009 and June 2012 to report multivariate analyses of the sentencing of domestic and non-domestic violence offences. The research conducted consisted of independent variables, offender social characteristics, legal and case characteristics and dependent variables, to highlight the difference in sentencing. The study used case level data for a population of cases to assess the apparent sentencing differentially. (Bond & Jefferies 2014, p )
Article 1 focused on two key questions; ‘does the decision to imprison differ between domestic and non-domestic violence cases when perpetrators are sentenced under similar circumstances’ and ‘whether domestic violence perpetrators receive prison terms similar to non-domestic violence offenders’(Bond & Jefferies 2014, p856). The research relied on adult lower court data. The results from a sample of 64,238 cases found that domestic violence cases differ significantly from non-domestic violence cases, on most characteristics. Offenders in domestic violence cases are on average older, more likely to be indigenous and less likely to be female. Judicial use of incarceration is slightly (but statistically significant) higher in domestic violence cases compared with non-domestic violence cases, of…

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