The Separation Of Legislative And Judicial Powers

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Rules and Laws have played a very crucial role throughout human history. More importantly the rules were made and laws implemented by those individuals that wielded power over the masses. These individuals would use their power to put in place laws that benefited them and those they favored. In almost all these cases the poor and the weak were taken advantage of and used by the powerful. This unfortunately is an ongoing problem even in today 's world, and presents the importance of the concept of Rule of Law. Rule of Law is a legally binding principle put in place to govern a nation. Rule of Law can be defined in short as a doctrine that no single individual, however powerful they maybe, should be considered above the law. In principle…show more content…
V. Dicey). The European Union has in place several systems to tackle and implement rule of law. In 1957 European Court of Justice was created to enforces the E.U. laws and in 1989 the Court of First Instance was created to help alleviate pressure of case loads from the E.J.C. E.U. member states also have Ombudsman in place to help citizens lodge complaints against other citizens, politician or governments within the E.U and the E.U itself.

One of the clearest examples of a government not abiding by the principle of the Rule of Law can be found in the Palestine/Israel conflict. In the state of Israel for more than six decades half of its population has been living as second class citizens. Fundamental rights of certain citizens, the Palestinians, don 't have the freedom to move about in their own country, their property isn 't protected by the state, they don’t have the freedom of speech, and their lives are under constant threat. Israel, especially Zionists, may
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