The Serial Killer : The Zodiac Killer

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It’s a cold California night in December as David Faraday and Betty Jensen are sitting in their car with heavy feeling towards each other. They are the only ones around, lost in each other’ embrace. This might sound like a love story, but shortly after, their fantasy was ripped apart as they stared into the twisted, evil eyes of a man. That was the last thing they saw, evil, and they died in fear. What followed would be the first confirmed murders by the Zodiac killer. He is the most successful serial killer in the world, claiming thirty-seven lives, though we can only confirm five. Both the fact that the police were not prepared for and the fact that the Zodiac evolved allowed him to elude connection to these lurid murders. The Zodiac Killer didn’t elude capture because the police force was bad, he got away because they were unprepared and never have seen something like this before. Police were close to catching the killer, but a mix up in communication made them let him go. Bustle’s Lara Rutherford-Morrison explains that “there was a mix up in which the police dispatcher told them they should be looking for a black suspect. Two officers then encountered and let pass a white man resembling the Zodiac’s description. Later the Zodiac would mention the mistake in a letter, suggesting that the officers had in fact been in contact with the killer, only to let him slip away.” The police stopped the killer and could have arrested him, but they couldn’t communicate key
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