The Series Of The Family Produced By Norman Milton

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The series All in the Family produced by Norman Milton Lear from 1971-1979 is one of the most controversial and groundbreaking television shows ever created. The successful sitcom has covered many touchy subjects involving race, ethnicity, homosexuality, rape, and religious beliefs. Towards the end of the third season, episode 20 which was called “Archie is Branded”, aired on February 24th 1973 touched many subjects that were heavily debated on the fact of whether or not it was appropriate to air on live television. The lead male characters Mike and Archie get in a heated argument about the Vietnam War. This sensitive subject caused and led several additional current historical issues and events.
The original hit show, All in the Family featuring Carroll O’Connor (Archie), Jean Stapleton (Edith), Rob Reiner (Michael) and Sally Struthers, (Gloria) is an American sitcom that challenges numerous controversial topics during its era. This specific episode “Archie’s Branded” aired on February 24th 1973 and was about the bunker family being “branded” with a swastika painted on their front door. When going to retrieve the news paper, opening the door, Archie, realizes someone has painted a swastika on his door with a note that said, “This

DeMark 2 swastika was just the beginning, we’ll be back”. After receiving such a serious threat from this anonymous person/persons, Archie and the others decided to call the police. With several minutes passing, the doorbell rings. Thinking it
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