The Serious Problem of Domestic Violence

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The writer of this essay discusses about family violence, a serious social problem, and its effects on the public. Family violence also known as domestic violence “is when someone uses abusive behaviour [physical, sexual, or emotional] to control and/or harm a member of [his or her] family, or someone with whom they have an intimate relationship.” (Department of Justice) The writer explains why family violence/domestic violence is a social problem and whom the issue affects. The writer describes, how the problem shallows the whole society and the families with family violence occurring in the household. In this essay the writer discusses the cost of domestic violence and affects of it on the average taxpayers. This essay highlights the …show more content…
Young children might not be the direct targets of the abuse, yet witnessing abuse in the household can harm them permanently and can cause psychological and behavioural problems. Children exposed to violence at home act different as compared to the children living in a healthy family. Witnessing abuse or being victim to abuse “increases one's risk of delinquency, adult criminal behavior and violent behaviors” (O’Keefe, 1996). Children are considered a nation’s future and family violence leaves negative remarks on children. The negative impacts and experiences disrupt young children from contributing to the maximum in the society and fill in their role. Family is a first institution of socialization. Children perform what they observe, and if young children observe one parent abusing the other parent he or she will be raised with the idea that family violence is a norm and will contribute to the cycle of family violence in the future, and the cycle will continue on without being questioned. Children who witness and are victim of abuse at home are more likely to have aggressive behaviour, which includes arguing with everyone, disobedience in school, disrupting class with rude behaviour. (Moylan et al. 2009) Such behaviour affects other children in school even though they are not part of the household where the abuse is occurring.
Family violence is not easily pointed out because anyone can be a target of
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