The Serious of Major Depressive Disorder

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Mental disorder is a common term to refer people’s mental health conditions in Canada and internationally. People who have studied Hamlet, a play that’s written by William Shakespeare, know that Ophelia is one of the characters who suffer from a mental disorder, which known as major depressive disorder. At the beginning of the play, Ophelia’s mental state is very healthy, she falls in love with her boyfriend Hamlet, yet their relationship is controlled by her father. During the play, Ophelia experiences a transformation of her mindset, which causes by Hamlet. As the play closer to the end, the death of Polonius, father of Ophelia, makes Ophelia’s mental becomes more unstable, which leads her to suicide at the end. Thus, due to all the unhappy events that happen to Ophelia’s life all at once, the psychological harms slowly turn Ophelia becomes insane and eventually brings her to death. In the beginning, the relationship between Ophelia and Hamlet is very real, they both love each other so much. After the death of King Hamlet, father of Hamlet, Hamlet is attracted by Ophelia’s beauty, and starts falling in love with her. However, since Ophelia is living in the 16th century, and is the daughter of Polonius, a respectful man who works for King Claudius as his chief advisor, her freedom is pretty much controlled by her father, including her relationship with Hamlet. So Polonius requires Ophelia to stay away from Hamlet, and tell her that “from this time forth have you so

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