The Seriousness of Emotional Deprivation

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“The seriousness of emotional deprivation: It is not difficult to understand how children who have suffered from malnutrition or starvation need food and plenty of care in their bodies are to recover so they can go on to lead normal lives. If, however, the starvation is severe enough, the damage will be permanent and they will suffer physical impairments for the rest of their lives. Likewise, children who are deprived of emotional nurturing require care and love if their sense of security and self-confidence is to be restored. However, if love is minimal and abuse high, the damage will be permanent and the children will suffer emotional impairments for the rest of their lives,” said by Mark Z. Danielewski, April 11th, 2014. The issue of child abuse dates all the way back to colonial times in 1809 before organized child protection began. Back in this time child abuse wasn’t recognized by people as a serious issue so many people were able to kill children without harsh consequence. For example in 1810 a woman was arrested for killing a newborn child and admitted to several people that she killed the baby, even so, she was found not guilty most likely because the jury thought was psychotic. Many children went without protection and were killed, raped, kidnapped, and tortured during this time and still this wasn’t seen as a high priority issue in the United States. It wasn’t until 1875 that the world's first organization that was completely devoted to child protection came
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