The Sermon Of The Mount

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The sermon of the mount is covered in the book of Matthew, which in retrospect was a teaching on the side of a mountain amongst Jesus’ disciples. All of the disciples climbed along side of Jesus upon the mountain side, just to accumulate the knowledge in which Jesus lectured about. Some of the things that Jesus address in his teachings where such things as, the fundamentals of becoming a Christian, in addition to the rules of living the Christian life, finally is to know when things aren’t as they seem to be in Christianity. The fundamentals of being a Christian, is seemingly simple to some, but for the individuals that are of the world, being a devout Christian is apparently a substantial stride to take in one’s life. Case in point, I was once considered of the world, and I found that becoming a Christian wasn’t that hard of a step as I had imagined, with the courage and commitment along with Jesus guiding my path, I have continuously walked by faith and not by sight to receive blessings after blessings. Anyone that is wanting to become a Christian, Know that your blessings will start to come in abundance, yet realize that because you’re a Christian now, does not mean that you get to take the road which has seen a multitude of journeys, you should know that your Christian test will be much more immeasurable. For example, (Matthew 5:3-4) states that “you’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and his rule.” “You’re blessed when

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