The Sermon On Preaching Indulgence

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A. I found the document titled, Tetzel’s sermon on preaching indulgence to be very interesting. It is slightly humorous how Tetzel used fear and salvation to sell indulgences. The notion that a person can buy God’s forgiveness for a sum of money is somewhat absurd. In this day and age, we speak of charity and giving. The amount of money that we give for charity is not weighed by its value more than it is measured by the impact it leaves on others and the genuine of our thoughts when giving charity. Of course, the hope is to gain God’s forgiveness, but that is not automatic. Tetzel’s makes it sound that people can be forgiven for sins in lieu of payment. Therefore, the size of the sin determines the amount that needs to be paid in order to avoid eternal punishment. I do understand why the notion of baying indulgences irked Martin Luther because a piece of paper obtained from the church does not guarantee forgiveness. Refusing to buy indulgences does not mean the sinner is doomed for hell either. Only god decides who is worthy of paradise. Today’s churches portray a practice that is similar to that which promoted buying indulgences. Priests line up to gather charities and donation. The more you give, the more you hear the priest hailing about how good of a person you are without wandering about the source of your money.
The second document that attracted my attention is titled, Ulrich Von Hutten’s appeal to the elector of Saxony (1520). Von Hutten’s principles aligned with…
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