The Sermon On The Mount Essay

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The Sermon on the Mount is a sermon given by Jesus Christ found in the book of Matthew in the Holy Bible. The beginning of this sermon includes a list of blessings called the Beatitudes. Jesus uses these to explain God’s favor towards those who are striving for righteousness. For those who had come to believe and follow Jesus as the son of God, every word that he spoke in the Sermon on the Mount was intended as words of encouragement for Jesus’s disciples and were taken as such. For those who were skeptical, the crowd, that Jesus was truly the son of God, Jesus’s words took on a totally different meaning. The Beatitudes, simple words that promote the humility of man, were explicit words of encouragement for Jesus’s disciples. Yet at the same time, to the crowd listening, the Beatitudes were an implicit invitation to become men of God by believing that this man is God in the flesh, God in spirit, God almighty, God omniscient, God omnipresent, and God omnipotent.
Each of the eight statements of the Beatitudes begin with the word Blessed. This is ironic because those who would have been listening to the Sermon on the Mount would have probably been Jewish. For those Jews who would have lived during that time probably never would have used the word blessed to describe themselves. Therefore, those who were not convinced that Jesus Christ was the son of God would not have taken Jesus literally. Because each Beatitude contained the word “blessed”, this gave the crowd an
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