The Sermon On The Mount

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In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gave his followers a template for living a life with God’s blessings. Many believe that these guides known as the Beatitudes are unrealistic because they are not typically considered ones of blessing. The people in the Roman empire, where Jerusalem was located, and where Jesus taught, would have grown up with stories of the Greek and Trojan war. Their heroes were opposite in character of those that Jesus taught would be blessed. Achilles and Odysseus, who were considered blessed by the gods, could not line up with Jesus’ teachings. Among those in history who could have lined up with this teaching, Socrates might come close, but his life hardly appears to reflect blessings. Jesus’ teachings were revolutionary as they presented the people of the time a completely new way of thinking about piety and what God values in human actions. From the earliest forms of literature, gods and goddesses were presented to men in fantastically inventive ways. The story of the creation in Hesiod’s Theogony tells of the creation of the gods while also giving a representation of what the gods consider to be good and evil behaviors for men. Hesiod alludes that “affection between guest and host…love between friends and brothers,” honoring parents as well as keeping one’s oath are all important in pleasing the gods (135-142). Odysseus, a demigod, was one of Aphrodite’s favorites, and when reading about him it is easy to comprehend that he was a man who kept his

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