The Sermon On The Mount

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The sermon on the mount shows us Jesus 's ethical teachings on how a person should live his or life, the distinction from the law, and this has a reaction from the society. Jesus ' Sermon on the mount has had a huge impact on the Christian religion and somewhat shaped the religion in a sense. It has been a reference point for Christian ideals on the right way to live your life. It was a well constructed, alluring sermon that must have captivated the minds of the people.
The sermon commences with the eight beatitudes, with prescribed blessings that follow them. These beatitudes advocates righteousness in our hearts, unlike the pretentious righteousness that the can be associated with the law. The qualities that the beatitudes tell you to embody, puts Christ followers at somewhat of a disadvantage because of the selfish, deceitful nature of humans. The blessing or reward that accompanies these beatitudes aren’t for this world, and by this it introduces the notion of kingdom that is far greater than this world. This supports the concept of sacrificing and enduring persecution in this world, so you are rewarded in eternity. The sermon then strikes a metaphoric comparison with followers of Christ being the salt of the earth, and the light of the world. In Leviticus 2:13 it shows us how salt was categorized as being divine back then. This means that Christ followers are supposed to posses a sense of divinity, and shouldn’t lose this quality by conforming to the things of the

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