The Servant Chapter Summary

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The Servant by James C. Hunter lays a foundation of required strategies that are commonly learned throughout life. The concepts that are laid out in this book are quite interesting and similar to the laws of love. There is an unfortunate amount of successful and unsuccessful people who acquire the “I know best” leadership style that John portrays. Having the “I know it all” mentality can be a person’s biggest downfall. Within this story, you can see the consequences of that mentality as John is losing his grounds in all leadership roles within his life. These strategies are not difficult or new but understanding the foundation of these strategies may be quite challenging for some. When reading this book I recognized to become an efficient leader…show more content…
Although, this is a great concept, it requires a great amount of effort on the leaders’ part. Unfortunately, some leaders do not feel the need to do this which may show in their lack of communication towards their workers. Showing self-control allows you to give attention wherever it may be needed. This could mean showing some form of appreciation and even encouragement to the employees when necessary. Being able to show some form of gratitude returns a mutual gain of trust. Being employed in a leadership role it’s necessary to apply some of these common strategies to use in a work place. When a worker feels more appreciated it begins to show within the company. After mastering the power of influence you’re able to gain a sense of authority. Authority is simply being able to get people to do what you want by your personal influence. On the other hand, you have power. This is usually accompanied by coercion, through the ability of applying force because of your position. The most common mistake to make is not knowing the difference between authority and power. Truly gaining authority is essentially carrying the power. Within Johns retreat, he is constantly learning the importance of humbleness as an effective
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