The Service And Practice Dilemmas Of Case Management Practices

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Case management and Individualised services is a respectable, systematic service providing extended support and guidance to people suffering from chronic and deteriorating life problems in society. Based on research conducted through out this essay, the notion addressed within the paper discusses the service and practice dilemmas of case management practices. The paper contains the definition of case management and how they deliver their services through an intervention process. It further discusses evident social workers experiences and how conflicts within the practice have impacted their attitudes and awareness’s of their profession. Furthermore it draws on the dilemmas of decision-making based on confidentiality, social justice, and…show more content…
However, case management is not always successfully implemented, and practitioners often feel they are not given sufficient support (Gursansky et al. 2012). In order to deliver good case management services case managers, need to start off with building rapport and trust relationships with the client who is seeking available services. Major clientele where case management approaches occur is when case managers interact with individuals and families dealing with complex circumstances. Therefore, there is a need for a large knowledge base in order to deliver appropriate services the client needs. As a case manager it is important to know that every client is different and there is a need for different skills when implementing intervention plans. One of the roles of case managers is to match client’s needs, as accurate as possible to available services. In order to achieve or meet the needs of clients, case managers conduct an intervention process that helps identify the client’s needs, strengths and weaknesses as well as identify their goals. Generally, this is done in stages where the case manager begins to establish a helping relationship and where informal or formal rules are agreed (Keegan, R 2015, pg.71). At this stage good case management services do not assume or ignore any detail of the client’s story or issue. They begin to determine the eligibility of the client, their emergence and build rapport in order to
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