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The Critical Role of Service Employees in the Service Triangle for the Banking Industry
Wesley Tobola
Sam Houston State University

The purpose of this research paper is to examine the service marketing triangle and how it relates to the role of service employees in banks and financial institutions. Using academic journals and articles, this paper addresses the different aspects of the service triangle, including external marketing, internal marketing, and interactive marketing and the significance of adapting this strategy for bank service employees. By using this strategic framework, bank management will be able to monitor and understand the service employee’s role in the overall success of the bank.
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In order for the service employee to deliver on the customer’s expectations, the company (or management) must provide the necessary resources to fulfill the duties of the job. The success of the firm is also supported by the internal customers, also known as employees, and the satisfaction of these employees can influence the service encounters with external customers (Gremler, Bitner & Evans, 1994). It is imperative that management of the company delivers to the expectations of the employees in order to fulfill business goals and objectives. Once the service employee and management of the company come together to provide the service, the customer decides if delivery meets their expectations by either continuing business with the company or spreading the word about the company. This three-sided relationship is how the service marketing triangle is formed. The triangle is a visual representation of how the customers, employees, and company work together to build deeper customer relationships. In a highly competitive environment, such as the banking industry, it is very important to ensure that customers’ needs and wants are being fulfilled and that the customer is satisfied overall. The banking industry provides many different options for customers with the same types of products. The level of satisfaction perceived by the customer can affect the overall impression of the organization based on the employee’s service
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