The Service Learning Project, At St. Bernard's Health And Wellness Center

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Introduction The service learning project, Say Boo! To Bullying 5k, 10k, and 1 Mile Costume Crawl event was held at St. Bernard’s Health and Wellness Center on October 31, 2015. According to Borunda, Davis, and Rinaldo, service learning is defined as “an experienced-based pedagogy that serves a community needs” (2015, p. 115). The event benefits the My Generation Foundation and Autism Association of Northeast Arkansas. The purpose of this event was to educate the families and citizens about the available resources for children and adolescents that have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) symptoms. The event provided a powerful message to the community for the individuals who have a disability. For instance, the runners that participated in …show more content…
87). The target population pertained to pre-school children to adolescents with ASD symptoms that residing in Jonesboro or the surrounding cities. The participants and parents at this event are advocates for the children and adolescents who have the disability. The event was conducted by several organizations advocating in support of those with this disability. There was a direct and noticeable impact on the community members who helped provide a healthy activity for the children in the community. This event represented a powerful message and demonstrated the dedication and passion that participants and volunteers alike hold for this unique and special population.
Theories and Techniques According to Patton & McMahon, the systems theory is broadly based and takes account diversity and complexity; its elements consist of interconnectedness, relatedness, wholeness, and emphasizing all the parts work together as a whole (2014). The systems theory also includes group members deciding between their needs for differentiating themselves and integrating with others. In addition, systems theory consist of the following factors; mental health, group leader skills, and interpersonal relationships. The group leader will utilize systems theory in a group setting to
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